This second image shows GUDEA's image pathway technology. across the image.

Online disinformation and misinformation (DisMis) spread unchecked, resulting in significant monetary and reputational damage to organizations. This can harm a brand, a candidate, or a company in an instant, causing losses amounting to billions.


GUDEA stands as a groundbreaking AI and ML tool designed to safeguard your company from digital threats. It is the first AI tool to map and predict viral information spread that social media enables. Leveraging proprietary IP, GUDEA is uniquely positioned to counteract such threats allowing your company to be proactive instead of reactive.

This first image shows GUDEA's image pathway technology.


GUDEA ingests information from 35 online platforms and counting. Including platforms such as Facebook, X, Tiktok, 4Chan, 8kun, etc. This information is mapped and AI/ML employed to understand the pattern of propagation. Finally, it is served via our platform to better understand where the information is coming from, how it is impacting the networks currently, and its impact in the future.

Keith Presley
Founder & CEO
U.S. Navy military operations expert, nearly 15 years in national politics managing budgets at over $30 million.
Headshot of Keith Presley, CEO
    Jonathan Sperber
    Founder & COO
    Experienced in tech sales, selling over $40 million through government contracts, nearly a decade in national politics.
    Headshot of Jonathan Sperber, COO
      James Thomin
      Founder & CTO
      PhD in Chemical Engineering, Chemistry Professor, AI/ML software engineer with large language models.
      Headshot of James Thomin, CTO
        Patents Pending
        Veteran Owned
        Military Intelligence and Operations
        Years Experience
        Dis/Mis Problem Quantified
        78 Billion Annually