GUDEA Announces Acceptance into the Prestigious Minnesota Twins Accelerator by Techstars’ Third Annual Cohort

Columbia, MD – GUDEA, an innovative artificial intelligence (AI) technology company dedicated to combating online Dis/Misinformation (DisMis), is thrilled to announce its acceptance into the Third Annual Cohort of the Minnesota Twins Accelerator by Techstars. 

Keith Presley, CEO of GUDEA, expressed his enthusiasm about the venture: “Being selected for the Minnesota Twins Accelerator by Techstars is an honor. This collaboration not only underscores our team’s commitment to excellence but offers our company a unique opportunity to learn, grow, and scale our groundbreaking solutions.”

GUDEA’s patent-pending technology predicts virality and its network impact, giving organizations the means to mitigate DisMis. Instead of tracking what is being said, Gudea tracks how the information flows across networks and the social structures that exist online.

“DisMis costs companies millions of dollars in monetary and reputational harm annually,” added Presley. “According to research, it is estimated that it cost the world’s economy $78 Billion in 2020 alone, branching out to harm industries like sports, public relations, consumer goods, and many more. We have developed an AI that provides companies the ability to mitigate the risk of DisMis and control the narrative instead of chasing the narrative. We will be introducing our solution to the market in FY2024.”

GUDEA’s founding team is honored to collaborate with the Minnesota Twins Accelerator by Techstars, who are recognized for their dedication to fostering startups with transformative potential.

About GUDEA:

GUDEA does not decide what is DisMis, as it is not an arbiter of truth. Our patent-pending AI technology validates information by mapping the pathway of information across communication channels. Our founding team is proudly veteran-owned and uniquely combines technical expertise in AI, military operational experience, and political acumen to offer unparalleled solutions in combating DisMis. We aim to be a force for unity and authentic communication in the digital age and to create a safer, more trustworthy, and more transparent online experience for all.